Is this?

Is this all there is? Falling, spinning, screaming.

Fleeting time.To where will it end when doubts creep in?

Distant smiles.More often than not silence is sought.

Daily grind.Here,  there, back again; a mundane loop.

Is this all there is?Sadness, restlessness, haunting dreams.

Hollowness inside.Where is the light? The silver lining?

Sleepless nights.Worries, visions, sweating, loneliness.

Tear stained eyes.Broken, stressed, egg shells.

Is this all there will be?Exhausted, headaches, aching chest.

Struggles.Anxiety, eating, sleeping, connecting.

Battles.Mind, heart, body, work, ex's, ghosts.

Consuming worries.Here, there, past, future, present.


Tell me now, tell me why.

Show me better.

Is this what I am?



A tree trunk short of good enough.

Is this what I've become?

Besties with numb.


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