Burning Books

How she felt about you, was like smoke. Everytime you said her name, it was like we were floating in the air. And when you touched her, it felt like she was being sucked in all at once. When you left her, even if it was for only 7 seconds, it felt like she was being burned out.

How do you did you do this to her? How did you take one not so happy, messy, lonely girl and make her feel the opposite of how she did that morning getting ready? 

This girl. She swore never to look to anyone ever again. She swore on her blade she would never trust herself enough to fall ever again. And yet, you did it. You got her trust not only trust herself with the blade, but you got her to trust you with the blade. No one has ever gotten through every layer of broken glass to be trusted with her pain.

You got her to give all of her strings to you. You had everything any boy would ever want in a girl. But you didn't use them. You didn't pull her strings till they broke. You didn't cut her every time she pointed the gun at you. You didn't let her fall into the wrong hands. You picked up the pieces and put them together in a way that made her see outside of her shell.

How can one boy make a girl feel like smoke? How can one boy make a girl feel like he is her world, even for a short time?

And when the book closes and the boy begins to realize he is sick of hearing this story, he goes to open another book.

He made her feel like smoke because he set their story on fire as soon as he closed it.

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